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Our Testimonials


I was recommended here by a friend. We tried out their summer camp first and it was great! I decided to use their tutoring service after school resumed. Quality tutoring material provided and teachers give me an update on kid's progress after each lesson.


Sufficient homework is assigned and parents will be able to know what kid is learning from JEI.

Mandy S.

My son loves it here. The staff to children ratio is low which is great, give my SO the attention he needs.

Jennifer L.
The teachers not only will review a new module with my children, either math or English per week, the staff also will work with my children to ensure they did their homework. As a working parent that doesn't come home until 7 pm, it is a relief knowing that JEI is here to support my children's education
Merril F.

Hi Emily and Vivian, 


How are you? I would like to say thanks you for all of you in JEI. Ashton has a very good result this term so far. Thank you again, all of you make him to be a better person. Stay safe and take care!
Amy C.

Hi Ms. Emily, 


It has been a long time since I have spoken with you and I realize I did not follow up with my university acceptances from two year ago. I got into all 9 programs and I ended up choosing Queen's Commerce, but it was a tough choice. 


It was honestly all thanks to you that I got into my dream schools and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help. I also apologize for saying this so late.
Saad M.
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