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Our team members are the heart of our organization here at JEI Learning Center. We've been lucky enough to find a great team of educators who are passionate and knowledgeable. They understand the importance of helping students become well-rounded individuals in school and outside of the school setting. It is our priority that children of all ages should feel confident in their thoughts, voices, and performances. Implementing these values is a profession and a passion for our team members. They gladly carry this message to everyone they interact with each day. 

Our Team

Ms. Emily Director of JEI Greensborough 
  • Graduate of the Bachelor of Education and Fine Arts program at York University

  • Intermediate and Senior division with a focus in English and Visual Arts

  • Since joining JEI in 2014, I have instilled in my students, a commitment to education, as well as the skills that will enable them to contribute positively to the community

  • My priority is to always create a positive and welcoming environment so the students and my team can strive for excellence

Ms. Vivian Director of JEI Box Grove
  • Graduate of the Bachelor of Commerce program at Ryerson University

  • As a proud member of the JEI Team since 2013, I have learned that supporting your child’s education is very important

  • My job is to work in partnership with our families and JEI team members to meet the needs of our students and provide them with the best possible solution for their learning needs

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